Reggae star Njie B The Conquerer joins Green Wall Warriors

We are very proud to announce that Gambian reggae star Njie B The Conquerer joins Green Wall Warriors. Njie B will be promoting the project through his network reaching thousands of Gambian youths. Together we will fight for our dream and now the dictator is gone, we have chances to change! We have no time to wait for governments, we just have to develop our ideas and make them work.

Music brought them together

Njie B and Kevin met in 2008 in the ghetto of Banjul where they made music and developed ideas to start up a new foundation. ‘We really found each other when we went to make music together in 2008 in Banjul. We had ideas for many difficult issues and we tried put up a foundation in 2008 called the Build Your Future Foundation. It aimed to support youths in hunting dreams and

Njie B and Kev
Njie B, Kev and crew discussing ideas in 2008

developing their talents. Njie B set up the foundation in Gambia and even Jammeh himself signed the papers. We had an amazing crew of supporting people. However I was trying to run it alone in Holland and Njie B the Conquerer emigrated to Finland. The dictatorship was still going on and a lot of things were too complicated to continue the project. Our dreams however never faded and this is our second attempt to make them work. Now the new government is installed we expect a lot of support because this project is serving all Gambians and people worldwide.’ Kevin quoted.


How we can change dry lands into fertile land

We found out that it is relatively easy to convert dry lands back into fertile forest. The problem is basically the very hard crust of the soil. Seeds that are still in there will germinate by rain, but they don’t have the change to root into the soil. Right now, if we have heavy rains, the top layer of the soil is not able to soak up the rainwater. So most of the rainwater will flow back in the river, and even when it flows back into the river the water will wash away the last fertile soil on the top layer.

The solution to bring back groundwater, plants and trees in dry areas is simply to crack open the earth. We need to harvest the rain in a very efficient way. We can do this by digging many ditches from half a meter deep and a meter wide. In these ditches we seed seeds of local plants and we plant small trees.


A Food forest for everyone

When the rain is coming the ditches will fill themselves with water. This rainwater will soak deeper into the ground so the underground level of the water rises again. In the same time are the ditches so wet, because they have sucked up so much water. The seeds will germinate successfully and the roots of the small trees can grow deeper.

In one month the ditch will be covered in green, which will prevent the remaining water from evaporating in the sun. In 15 years time we will have a new forest. Our idea is also to plant lots of fruittrees mixed with the other trees. In this way we create a food forest. If we can manage to cover more surface of the Gambian lands with forest, the groundwater level will  stay constant because it is controlled by the forest. In the long term the forest will create rain because trees evaporate water. In fact this is a very simple solution which is very cheap.

Njie B: More project, for the youths i Say

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