Vertical forest to restore biodiversity in Chinese city

After similar projects held in Milan (Italy) and Lausanne (Switzerland), in 2018 the thirth prototype will be launched in the Chines city Nankink. This vertical forest is made out of two towers in which people can live and work. The balconies are stuffed with trees and plants.

Vertical forest in Chinese cities

The forest is made out o 1100 trees and 2500 different plants. There are not only balconies full of plants. The highest tower is stuffed with plants on the rooftop.

Finally these building make sure the city looks a lot greener. But their function is ‘sucking up’ the city’s smog. Every year these two towers are able to adopt 25 tons of CO2. They even produce 60 kilogram of oxygen. In this way Stefano Boeri hopes to restore biodiversity in the city.



Source: National Geographic


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