Volunteer jobs at Kurumbo Lodge in the Gambia

Kurumbo lodge in the Gambia is looking for volunteers for may and june. Before raining season comes a lot of work has to be finished around the lodge. A unique way to visit the Gambia for a very low price! Take your chance now!

Working together to build the small restaurant

Volunteer jobs at Kurumbo Lodge

Diffent jobs. But the main focus is on construction work. Making cement blocks, digging and building. Kurumbo is also working to build a decent road. Other jobs they have: working on the animalfarm, cooking, gardening (watering), cutting grass etc. The lodge is currently working on a carport and small restaurant. So, plenty of work to do! But enough time left to discover the beautiful surroundings, village, beach and mangroves.

Kurumbo Lodge

What you get back

Kurumbo lodge is situated in a unique location in the Gambia. In the village Kartong in the most southern point of the Gambia. A small paradise in a mangrove forest. De lodge is build close to the amazing┬áHalahin river. This river separated The Gambia from Senegal. This area habits almost thousand species of birds. If you are lucky you will see giant lizzards, monkey’s or the rare dwarf crocodile.

There is a motorboat or kajak available at the lodge to discover the area. In the village you can learn how to cook from the locals or what about drumming lessons? Behind the village you will find the Atlantic oceas where you often have the beach to yourself.


Halahin river


What does it cost?

Many companies like TuiFLY and Corendon offer very cheap flight to the Gambia these months. It is possible to book a retour flight from 300 euro’s. Your stay is free including the meals.


Where is it?


Join kurumbo an have the experience of your life

Do you feel like helping the Kurumbo crew in the months may or june? Just contact Ria Rugge by email: riarugge@gmail.com. Tell us what your skills are, what you want to do and when you want to come. Grab this one in a lifetime opportunity!

Hope to see you here!

Ria & Jerreh

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