Who We Are

Green Wall Warriors

The name Green Wall Warriors can be divided in two parts. Green Wall and Warriors. The Green Wall is what we are building and Warriors are the people who help building it. We are a team of people from The Gambia and The Netherlands. We all share the same dream and believe that we can change our future if we act now.


Some quotes from our members


‘I want to be able to develop my own nation and I want to contribute in the development of a new forest that can change my country. I will always put all my efforts on it to make sure our dream comes true’


My grandfather was an example of a true environmental hero. He planted half of the fruit trees in our community and even advised the government in agricultural knowledge. I promised myself to follow in his footsteps, and here I go. Knowing that one day all Africa will turn to desert if we don’t act in time. It is everyone’s responsibility to fight climate change, that’s why I joined Kevin in this project.

Buba Manneh

I love this project because I love trees and agriculture. This world is changing fast and we need to plant trees to survive and change the climate before things get worse. I want to create a good future for my children and that’s why I joined this project.


This project is important, not only for us here in Gambia, but for all the people on this planet. We want to prove to the rest of the world that we have the talent to change things and create a more healthy environment for everyone.

– Lamin 


Njie B the Conquerer is our Ambassador in The Gambia. Njie B has a large network of youths and politicians. Many Gambians know his songs from the radio channels like Paradise FM. Read more




Founder of this project is Kevin de Zwart. He travelled to Africa in 2008 where he fell in love with the Gambia. In this year he met his friend Jerreh Manneh. In 2012 he decided to travel river Gambia by kayak to the Atlantic ocean. River Gambia is one of the last large undammed rivers left in the world. Kevin made this expedition with two Gambian friends; Musa Bah and Jerreh Manneh. The expedition through the jungle took them 2 months. After this expedition Kevin wrote a book about Expedition Gambia. This book was released later in 2015 by the Dutch publisher ‘Boekscout’.

‘During our expedition we have seen many different parts land around the river Gambia. Sometimes it was shocking to see how dry lands were, even though we were close to the river.We have seen people chopping down huge Baobabs for firewood, while other people were burning down a complete island in a protected national park.

We had seen enough to know that we had to do something fast to stop deforestation and desertification. In a short movie I made during this expedition you can see the problem of desertification very clear. Here, we just had spent the night along the river close to the village Karantaba. Even this close to the river, it was not even 200 meters, the land is bone dry, infertile and completely dead. The last trees are slowly dying. The land has already started to turn into desert.