Every minute 23 hectares of land turn into desert

Because our planet is warming up extremely fast. One thirth of Africa will turn into a desert within 20 years. Millions of people will migrate to Europe in the hope to find water and food. Planting trees and creating new forests is the only way we can reverse climate change. As upwards of 26 billion trees are cut down every year, only 15 billion are replanted. We are facing a huge problem.

So, let’s build a forest

We created a concept to help the United Nations realising the ‘Great Green Wall’. The Great Green Wall is an African-led project with an epic ambition to grow an 8,000km wide forest across the entire African continent. Its goal is to provide food, water, jobs and a future for the millions of people who live in the Sahel. Planting trees and developing forests is the only solution we have to cool down the earth and stop migration to Europe.

It’s been proven that it is possible

Ok… but who is going to build that forest? Someone was crazy enough to develop his ideas to fight desertification in Kenya. His name is Peter Westerveld and he proved that it was possible to change desert to fertile green lands. After ‘processing’ the land it turned out that people could harvest 4 times per year instead of only once, which was usual in the area.

Unfortunately Peter died in 2014. We want to use his knowledge to transform degraded lands into a green lands at the North Bank of The Gambia.