Environmental activist and his family threatened by owners of Chinese Golden Lead Factory in Gunjur village, the Gambia

Mr Omar A J Saho was threatened on 18th May 2017 by the owners of the Chinese Factory Golden Lead at Gunjur Beach. Mr. Saho is expressing his fundamental right of freedom of speech in educating and raising awareness about the issue of over-fishing and coastal pollution along the southern coastline of The Gambia. He is among the first pioneers to share pictures about the devastation caused by the Golden Lead Factory in Kartong and Gunjur villages.

Saho and family threatened by Chinese factory owners

Last night Mr. Saho suddenly started receiving strange messages on his Facebook Messenger. The first question received was if Mr. Saho was prepared to shut his mouth about the massive environmental problems happning in Gunjur and Kartong for 1000 dollars.

Then it gets serious

They perceived that bribery works in all situations, but it did not work with Mr. Saho. The Lady (Ling Juan Huang) insisted for Mr. Saho to reveal why he is strong of involving environmental campaign and advocacy. Along the line she wanted to hide her identity of clear answer was obtained, but she forget that her name was standing right there on top of the screen. The lady continued, I quoted her ‘This message is damaged my factory’. ‘Now I am in your home. Your wife and mother are there’. Things got really scary. The Chinese investors came to his family house and threatened this family of suing their son to court.

In maintaining his professionalism, the only comment Mr. Saho gave was ‘I’ve seen that the environmental pollution is going on in Gunjur is wrong’. Every human being on this planet has the right to give his opinion about situations that are going on in their own community, in this case things should not result in threatening and trespassing Mr. Saho’s family. all of which has happened yesterday.

The lady tried in a last attempt to give Omar money. It is sad that corruption is still at it best in Africa. Mr. Saho being an upright and pure citizen who is willing to fight for a healthy environment, turned the offer down. The Chinese investor realized this strategy was not going to work her, then she started to threaten him for lawsuit.

Quickly, Mr. Saho made snapshots of his conservation with the lady and shared it on his Facebook. when the lady realized the post, she quickly appealed for the post to be removed but she was ignored.

The situation in The Gambia is alarming and the community environmental environmental resources are deteriorating and needs the intervention of the relevant authorities. The coastline of the Gambia is a potential ecotourism development area, and the marine environment is inhabited by valuable species. Resource conservation and the well being of the coastline should of great concern to all.

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