What the costs are

(Wordt nog vertaald) This project is relatively big, so we divided the project in phases. Every phase takes one year. Most of the costs are in starting the project up. Once we have build our headquarter, tree farms and seed banks, and when we have imported the tools we need, we can start converting land. This is an overview of the global costs of the project. A more detailed version of the costs indication can be found in our businesscase. All costs mentioned are rounded to thousand.

Phase 1: Start-up of the project

Realization of project location in Kartong

Costs phase 1: € 76.000

Purchase of land
Realization of the headquarter
Operational costs of the headquarter
Realization of the tree nursery
Realization of the education center


Phase 2: Expanding the project & realizing the pilot project

Realization of the second tree nursery and 7 seed banks. The operational costs of the headquarter and the overall costs to purchase and import agricultural tools. The highest costs will be in investing in agricultural machines and fuel.

Costs phase 2: € 514.000

Operational costs of headquarter, tree nurseries and seed banks
Realization of the second tree nursery
Realization of 7 seed banks including operational costs
Purchasing and importing 2 heavy tractors, 2 transporttrucks and one excavator
Purchase of the Nardi Delfino Plough (specially designed for desertification)
Fuel costs of all vehicles during the pilotproject (to process 2250 ha of land)

Total costs

Total costs to realize the project and convert & reforest 2250 ha of land is € 590.000