When we do it

Phase 1 | The first year (end 2017 –  end of 2018)
Realizing the Headquarter & Tree Nursery

The goal for the first year is to realize the project location. On this project location the headquarter and first tree nursery will be build. Also in this year three seed banks will build to collect the seeds which are needed to start up the tree nursery.


Phase 2 | The second year (2019)
Realizing the first pilotproject

This second year the GWW Project will focus on realizing 7 other seed banks and another new tree nursery. The goal this year is to have all 10 seed banks in operation. These seed banks will be build spread over the country. The agricultural tools (tractors, excavators, Delfino plough, transporttrucks etc) will be ordered and imported. They will be deployed on the pilotproject situated on the North Bank of River Gambia around the village Chilla. This area surfaces 22,5 km2 and (2250 hectares) and is therefore perfect to launch a pilotproject. All the further details are specified in our business case.

In this pilotproject 3 comparisons will be done:

  1. 1250 hectares of the pilot area will be contour trenched
  2. 625 hectares will be contour trenched + planting of new trees
  3. 625 hectares will be contour trenched + planting of new trees + extra sowing

The reason of applying these three methods is that the project wants to compare different methods and the results. The only way to find out what the best options are is to compare the contour trenching in combination with seeding and planting trees. The project could draw the conclusion that extra seeding of seeds is not making much difference. In that case the project could save a lot of money in the long term. The only way to determine the best method is to compare the three variations.


Phase 3  2020
Expanding the project to other countries

This year the tree nurseries will be expanded to three farms. A new project area will be chosen in association with the government and other involved organizations. The size of this area will be determined later after the project has evaluated the results from the pilotproject. By this time many Gambians will have found a job in the project. Journalists, bloggers, vloggers and famous people will be invited to visit the project to report the results and make sure more people are aware of the GGW project.